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We use the ‘young’ cloud solutions to address ‘old’ IT concerns and risks

Cloud-based platforms and ecosystems have emerged and countless new building blocks have been developed. The arsenal of modern technologies has flourished and the pace of innovation is unrivalled – similar to the Cambrian explosion.

It is our mission to help organisations take advantage of these new ‘Cambrian’ technologies. Our motivation is to help you transition faster and easier, and benefit more. You are no longer looking for a series of isolated, small experiments or another overview of the different possibilities. You need answers to where, how and especially when you can deal with those technical and organisational choices made in the past that are increasingly at odds with your new requirements and expectations.

Our help is practical and based on our own experience, as most customers ask us to implement our advice and subsequently manage their new IT.

A transition to the cloud is not a goal in itself, but it can enable you to become significantly more agile and innovative. When you consider the total cost of ownership it also yields a positive business case. Together we explore how these ‘new’ solutions address ‘old’ IT concerns and how they deliver tangible benefits when applied with good judgement.

Important milestones
How can we help you?

Meet the management team

André van der Riet

is assisting our customers to maximise the benefits of cloud adoption. With his background as a consultant and with 12 years as a CIO in large enterprise, he bridges the worlds of the boardroom and technology and helps implement cloud solutions at scale.

What makes André tick: delivering tangible benefits to users as well as the business.

Dionysis Linardatos

is helping customers re-architect their IT through the introduction of cloud services. Combining 20 years experience as a CTO with interchanged periods of responsibility for IT operations, he matches business requirements with cloud technologies in innovative ways. 

What makes Dionysis tick: taking a fresh approach to eliminate inefficiency and complexity.

Jelle Kalf

is leading our systems operations team implementing and managing our services with experienced and certified engineers. Before Cambrian he gained 20 years of experience as an engineer and project leader in datacenter virtualization, migration and consolidation programmes in enterprise and with the central government.

What makes Jelle tick: delivering high-quality and care-free operations to customers.

George Tourkas

is leading our software development team comprised of data analysts and AI specialists. Prior to Cambrian, he led a devops team of a 24/7 IoT platform for 15 years. With his team, he moved this monolithic platform to AWS and refactored it into a microservices based architecture.

What makes George tick: building smart solutions that last and add great value to users.


“Most organizations start from their own ecosystem and proceed in incremental steps. I see a growing need for smaller, independent companies with the necessary experience and expertise who feel comfortable among the big players. They can help you form an objective view when making choices and determining the strategy so that you can take big steps as an organisation. I recognise this in Cambrian.”

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