About us

A succesful journey to the cloud

Today’s cloud platforms and ecosystems include numerous innovative and directly deployable IT building blocks. At Cambrian, we are fully focused on using these to design, implement and develop innovative cloud solutions.

We resolve issues for our customers so they can focus on new opportunities. We also take care of the heavy lifting with our automated managed services. These are designed according to Well-Architected principles and are ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified.

This is Cambrian

We are proud of our broad and deep expertise in the field of cloud services which we have built up over the years in close collaboration with our partners and customers. We can also draw on the diverse experiences of our team, gained before we started Cambrian Technologies.


Explore the milestones that have defined our growth and success:

"Cambrian Technologies is a pragmatic, hands-on service provider; driven to provide their customers with the best solutions. Their highly qualified staff has plenty of technical expertise and is great to work with.”

Amazon Web Services partner

We use a proven approach and implement tailor-made solutions. We work closely with our customers to ensure a successful transition, and continuously identify and deploy new cloud services. After all, the transition to the cloud is an important way to benefit from more freedom, greater agility, and the power to innovate.

We are a certified partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS). In addition, we work with selected, complementary partners and use tools that ensure a consistent and robust service delivery. Our international team supports organizations all over the world, providing specialized knowledge and experience to manage their transitions and transformations.

Cambrian, what’s in a name?

We take our name from the ‘Cambrian Explosion’; also known as the “biological big bang’: millions of years ago, favorable conditions resulted in an unprecedented diversification of animal life forms. Nowadays, public cloud service providers and their ecosystems provide excellent technological conditions to accelerate the digital transformation ‘explosively’.

“Cambrian Technologies helped us migrate to AWS. They built a secure, high-availability infrastructure that supports state-of-the-art technology. Thanks to their continuing involvement, our progress keeps accelerating.”

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