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Dissecting an analyst report about cloud data warehouses

This blogpost discusses the latest Forrester report on cloud data warehouse systems and suppliers. Reports written by respected analysts such as Forrester always contain valuable …

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The ramifications of the decline of the x86 chip architecture

The x86 CPU instruction set architecture (ISA) has been dominant in enterprise IT. Almost all business software has been written for x86 processors and almost …

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Unique benefits in the public cloud

This blogpost discusses how the public cloud provides unique benefits to its users: robust and compliant global infrastructure, extremely efficient server virtualisation engines and new …

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AWS strengthened its commitments to protect customer data

Last month, Amazon Web Services (AWS) strengthened its commitments to protect customer data. This month, France’s highest administrative court ruled that these commitments provide sufficient …

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One fire took down four data centers!?

What happened? One fire took down four data centers? Yesterday, DataCenter Knowledge published several details about the one fire that took down four data centers: …

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Public cloud is the greenest cloud

Public cloud is the greenest cloud. The three hyperscale providers, Amazon Web Services, Google and Microsoft outperform other data center providers in energy efficiency. This …

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