AWS Advanced Tier Partner; gotcha!

AWS Advanced Tier Partner

Cambrian Technologies has become an AWS Advanced Tier Partner

This official milestone validates that we have acquired substantial depth in technical expertise to attain this partner tier. In addition, we have attained sufficient hands on experience and sufficient success in solution delivery. Most important, our record demonstrates our customers’ satisfaction with our services.

Cambrian Technologies is an AWS Advanced Tier Consulting Partner
Advancing quickly

We are proud to join this select group of the most advanced AWS partners. Especially because we kicked off Cambrian Technologies only two years ago.

Reaching the AWS Advanced Tier Partner status this quickly, is a testimonial of our commitment to partnering with the best cloud providers. It is also a testimonial of our commitment to applying their best practices, such as AWS’ Well Architected Framework.

The journey continues

This milestone is a next step in our journey to provide our customers the best services and solutions from AWS. Already today, we are a member of the AWS Public Sector Partner Program. Also, we are a member of the AWS Solution Provider Program, based on our work and impact with our customers.

Reaching the AWS Advanced Tier Partner status is important, Because its relevance stretches beyond a certificate of competence and quality. This status unlocks further opportunities to add value to our customers. For example, we aim to acquire the AWS Digital Workplace Competency later this year. As well as the AWS EC2 for Microsoft Windows Server Delivery designation. These programs bring additional specializations in two areas, as described by AWS:

  • “The AWS Digital Workplace Competency helps customers find highly specialized AWS Partners who offer solutions on AWS that effectively support remote workers and business continuity. The partner offerings free your end users from the office, allowing them to work securely on any device, from anywhere, and at any time. These Partners help reduce security risks and meet compliance and business requirements while allowing you to effectively support remote workers and implement business continuity plans.”
  • “Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows Server Delivery Partners are AWS Consulting Partners ready to help you plan, implement, and manage cloud migration and modernization of Windows-based solutions. With expertise implementing and migrating Microsoft Workloads, these partners can maximize your agility, security, and cost efficiency.”

Are you interested to discover how we can help you advance with AWS services and with our qualified capabilities and solutions? Get in touch and send us a message.

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