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AWS offers a wide range of Microsoft services inside their cloud platform. Using AWS services like Directory Service, Amazon EC2 on AWS, RDS and FSx for Windows File Server, you can take advantage of the Microsoft/AWS partnership to run Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Windows Server, SQL Server and Microsoft file server instances.

AWS is a Certified Gold member of the Microsoft Partner Network and is building Microsoft specific technologies and services that allow users to run Windows based applications in AWS securely and easily. There are more Windows servers running on AWS than on any other cloud platform.

Our Windows on EC2 service

Cambrian has a track record of successfully designing, deploying and managing data centre environments on AWS with impressive business case results. We combine our deep AWS knowledge with years of Microsoft experience to help customers run their Windows workloads while improving the end-user experience and lowering costs.

How our approach stands out

We help organisations move their Windows workloads to AWS by applying a ‘lift and restructure’ approach. We move as many Microsoft services as possible to AWS managed services such as AWS Directory Service, Amazon RDS for SQL Server and AWS FSx for Windows File Server to optimise cost, maintainability and security.

Furthermore, we help organisations leave behind legacy environments such as Citrix and RDP farms and allow end-users to use their Windows-based applications securely from any place and any device by deploying innovative AWS technologies such as Workspaces and AppStream 2.0 and combining these with the implementation or optimisation of Office 365 and Identity and Access Management solutions.

Relevant case studies


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Van Benthem & Keulen

Moving swiftly to a flexible, secure and compliant cloud-based solution.

Why choose us?

Test, build and deploy Windows Servers fast

Manage your applications with
less effort

Improve the security of your applications

Reduce costs associated with Microsoft apps

Run on reliable & versatile infrastructure

Cambrian is an Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) for Windows Server Partner. With this designation, Cambrian is recognised for its expertise in migrating, securing, managing and optimizing Microsoft Windows applications and workloads on EC2.

As an AWS Advanced Consulting and Public Sector Partner, we have a team of senior engineers who can help you migrate, run, and manage Microsoft Workloads on AWS. We invest continuously in Microsoft and AWS expertise and certifications in order to offer solutions combining the best of Microsoft and AWS technologies and services.

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Learn how running Windows apps on AWS reduces operational and business risk through improved reliability, performance and security.

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