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Innovation is a key driver behind productivity growth and wealth creation. Innovation in IT often requires long term commitment and large investments, accessible only for companies with deep pockets or backed by investors.

The public cloud providers are democratising innovation. They are pouring R&D resources at an unprecedented scale while reducing risks by using open source technology as much as possible. This way, cloud innovation is available at attractive prices in hundreds of combinable, compact modules.

Today every company can innovate by standing on the shoulders of open source and public cloud giants. With a team of developers we combine the Platform as a Service modules with our own software. To create innovative solutions addressing the important opportunities and pain points that our customers face.

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Our areas of focus are:

Cloud innovation in end-user computing: an accessible and cost effective digital workplace, for increased user satisfaction and productivity

Every company manages a digital workspace. Many have a Windows-centric environment with centrally hosted desktops available via Windows Terminal Servers or Citrix. Users identify via Active Directory, file serving is based on Windows file servers and collaboration on Microsoft Office. This type of workspace is expensive, inflexible and often has a poor user experience. Furthermore, it is difficult to move away from because its components are tightly integrated into a whole.

We have developed an innovative alternative based on loosely coupled components. We help organisations move to either Office 365 or Google G-suite. We use AWS Appstream 2.0 to make fat client applications available in the browser and tie all applications together using modern identity solutions supporting single sign on and multi factor authentication. This workspace is network independent and accessible from any device. Typical other benefits are increased user productivity and satisfaction, a 90% drop in user incidents and substantial cost reductions. The concept is powerful due to the use of SaaS and PaaS services in combination with our software tools. Examples of these tools are:

  • Software integration between the HR application, identity platform and collaboration platform automating provisioning and deprovisioning of users.
  • Support of AppV application packaging in AWS Appstream so that you can continue managing applications with the existing processes.
  • Integration between our service management platform and the cloud services allowing key users to trigger changes without IT involvement.
Cloud innovation in data analytics: a cost effective, flexible platform with smart capabilities to improve data quality

The amount of data being collected has increased exponentially, with the number of systems generating data and the diversity in data types growing fast. Traditional tools to collect and analyse data have not kept up with the growth in volume and complexity. Collecting, storing and backing up all data is a big challenge in on premise and private cloud environments, let alone turning it into reliable insights. We have a team of data scientists focussed on data analytics.

We use public cloud tools to collect data in data lakes and help companies turn their data into insights. New techniques for building ETL processes allow us to catalogue and process data in a cost effective and scalable manner. We have built a tool, the “sentinel”, to evaluate data quality (based on each customer’s requirements) and present exceptions in the business rules. The tool helps break the “garbage in – garbage out” paradigm plaguing many analytics platforms. Incorrect and missing data can be corrected in the source systems, user training needs identified and systems of record adapted to improve data quality. The data can be analysed with different techniques, such as traditional warehousing, interactive querying and machine learning. Data visualisation is flexible; various user groups can use different tools. A consistent benefit we see is that by deploying these technologies our customers can spend their time on generating business value with the company data instead of running the analytics platform.

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