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Public cloud providers offer ready-made services that are hosted on impressive infrastructure. Cloud implementation and management require new skills and different methods. Specific frameworks and innovative tools are used during a transition and once migrated it is important to continuously improve performance and costs. Specific knowledge and a great deal of experience are required to choose from the rapidly growing range of diverse options.

Despite their convenience, cloud services can be tricky to implement and manage if you lack the right skills. However, for many organisations it is challenging to acquire and retain these skills. Sufficient reasons to work with a qualified partner. After all, the execution quality and speed determine the success of the strategy.

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Cambrian provides advisory services and managed services with the following accents:

We combine our many years of broad experience in IT with deep domain knowledge of cloud implementation and management, so that we can think along critically during every phase of the adoption journey.
We combine our many years of broad experience in IT with deep domain knowledge of the cloud. Our collective “T-profile” allows us to think along critically during every phase of the transition. Due to the wide range of services and flexible deployment options, implementation choices and management quality are closely interlinked. Moreover, the blurring of dividing lines between management and optimisation constantly creates opportunities to become either more efficient or more effective.
We are organised to let our customers benefit from the possibilities of the cloud and we ensure that our interests are aligned with theirs.
The public cloud offers higher transparency and we have organised ourselves to allow our customers to benefit from it. When deploying services, we always select best-of-breed solutions. We avoid choices that will sooner or later become limiting or even give rise to conflict. We do not opt for the best margin, highest kick-back or highest occupancy rate, but search together for the best fitting solutions.
We work with certified professionals and cooperate with qualified, experienced partners to achieve the agreed results.
We work with certified professionals and our organization is focused on delivering demonstrable quality. We continuously seek new relevant developments and combine them in a coherent whole to maximize operational quality and efficiency. For this reason we choose to work with partners with best-of-breed offerings. Such specialised suppliers play an important role after all; the time for one single platform or system integrator being able to offer all the best solutions has passed.
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