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The ultimate containerization playbook

Containers are a relatively new discipline in IT, which means that knowledge is scarce. If used correctly, containerization can greatly improve organizational processes, making a business much more flexible. On the other hand, taking the wrong approach will leave you with a cluttered application infrastructure and a lot of wasted time. So, look before you leap. 

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Find out the 6 steps to successful containerization and optimize your IT infrastructure.

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Container technology is going through the usual hype cycle. By now, a decade after Docker’s launch, many IT professionals will know the what en over how of containerization, but may be left with questions about its more difficult aspects. So, on the following pages, we will zoom in on the nitty gritty.  

What steps should your developers take to get started?

How do you deal with vendor lock-in?

Is Kubernetes always the best choice of orchestration software?

And what is the added value a cloud service provider brings to the table in all this?

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Download de whitepaper (Engelstalig)

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