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Data & Analytics on AWS

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Smart data solutions on AWS

Data & Analytics on AWS

AWS offers a rich set of data analytics tools that cover all relevant use cases in the field. Data warehousing, big data processing, real-time analytics and operational analytics needs are supported by a rich set of AWS services.

Using these services provides multiple benefits:

  • Enormous scalability eliminates performance bottlenecks and the accompanying need to manage the infrastructure
  • Seamless integration between the various services leading to best in class functionality and high productivity in your analytics team
  • Unified data governance with advanced capabilities enabling you to authorise, manage, and audit access to data.

You benefit by having best-in-class functionality, a highly cost effective analytics stack and a very productive data analytics team.

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A reliable partner

As an APN Advanced Consulting partner we have a team of senior data analytics engineers who implement advanced AWS analytics services according to best practices.

On many occasions we start by transferring existing data & analytics workloads to AWS. After a lift and shift, we transform workloads by implementing modern AWS Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings. Legacy data analytics environments typically extract data from systems of record. In AWS, we help you utilise all relevant data, both structured and unstructured. Any source can be used: systems of record, nosql databases, streaming data, API calls, logs and media files.

The AWS services allow you to expand capabilities and increase processing speed; at the same time you reduce maintenance and eliminate punitive commercial software licenses. The net result is a drastic increase of capabilities at a fraction of the costs of legacy systems.

Our Data & Analytics services

Cambrian has a track record of successfully designing, building and managing data analytics environments on AWS with impressive business case results. We combine our many years of enterprise IT experience with deep AWS knowledge to migrate, build and manage data & analytics solutions.

Data warehouse Modernization

Implement distributed data warehouses with modern databases that cater to increasing business requirements quickly and efficiently.

Data lake creation

Implement a scalable, adaptable and robust data lake to store all business data in one place. Manage source data with meaningful metadata models.


We are specialised in the implementation and use of Amazon QuickSight due to the multiple benefits it offers:

  • Infinitely scalable and highly available managed service that removes all operational concerns from the IT department.
  • Rich interactive dashboards with responsive design available on any device.
  • Secure access through single sign-on integration with your identity provider.
  • Pay-per-session pricing for dashboard readers with a cap in the cost per user per month. This removes cost barriers and thereby democratises data analytics in your organisation.
  • Dashboards are easy to embed in your own apps.
  • Ability to import data from on premise systems as well as SaaS environments such as Salesforce, Snowflake, JIRA, Github, ServiceNow and Adobe Analytics.
  • Integrates with other AWS services such as Glue, Redshift, Athena, S3, RDS, and Aurora.
  • Use powerful out of the box ML capabilities available in AWS to identify hidden trends, detect anomalies and perform powerful what-if analyses and forecasting.
  • QuickSight’s in-memory calculation engine (SPICE) achieves blazing fast performance at scale. SPICE automatically replicates data offering users speed while shielding your underlying data infrastructure.
Smart data solutions

Add intelligence to your business with new technologies like machine learning (ML). ML can be used to build prediction models, identify anomalies in complex data, carry out voice  transcription and image processing.

Data collection

Replace manual data capturing and consolidation (often based in Excel) by bespoke workflow-optimised applications. By using low code application development these applications are developed rapidly and are automatically available in the browser and as iOS and Android apps.

Data integrations

Integrate data across different sources to optimise processes and gain better insights.

Data quality management

Use our semantic exception management tool to identify and fix quality gaps in your data.

Benefits of working with us

Increase analytics team productivity & reduce maintenance effort.

Combine diverse data sources and types.

Gain new business insights.

Unified data management.

Scale effortlessly and pay-per-use.

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