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Managed services by AWS

AWS Managed Services Solution

AWS Managed Services (AMS) is an AWS service that Cambrian implements and operates on behalf of our customers. Cambrian migrates your data center environment to AWS based on defined best practices. This enables an accelerated timeline to cloud adoption and transformation.

After the migration, AMS takes care of the day-to-day infrastructure management tasks. This unburdens you from infrastructure operations so you can direct your IT resources toward differentiating your business. Cambrian provides the service management interface between the customer and AMS and offers complementary services.

AMS is set up with a proven enterprise operating model meeting the most stringent security and compliance requirements. The services are certified and they are provided with an industry leading SLA. Customers enjoy 24/7 support and full-lifecycle services delivered by a dedicated AMS team. Furthermore, most activities are run with a high degree of automation. The architecture, organisation and tooling ensure a consistent high quality service. In addition, the use of AMS minimises business and compliance risks associated with change management. All these benefits are combined with a reduction in your operational costs.

The service contract term is flexible and can be terminated at a month’s notice. This is in stark contrast to the rigidity and lock-in of traditional long-term MSP contracts. The services run in customer-owned accounts with AWS standard cloud services. These characteristics ensure that you can relocate operations at will.

When should you consider AMS?

Organizations should consider our AMS solution when they are facing one or a combination of these situations:

AWS Managed Services AMS

Furthermore, AMS is a unique offering among public cloud providers and offers many attractive features.

Best in class total cost of ownership

You reduce your total cost of ownership because of economies of scale combined with a high degree of standardisation and automation:

  • The scalable and standardized ‘out-of-the-box’ mode of operations enable a fast migration path. It minimises the timeline, the cost of double running and the risk of unforeseen events during the project.
  • The services are priced as a straightforward fixed uplift onto your regular AWS charges. This includes an unlimited amount of changes, incidents, alerts and service requests. You are not penalised when you consume more. 
  • You benefit from cost optimisation advice and opportunities over the lifetime of the service.
Best in class support & compliance

The infrastructure, architecture, organisation and processes are all tuned to deliver the best possible reliability, availability, agility and security:

  • Services come with an industry leading SLA.
  • You are supported by a dedicated team of specialists who are familiar with your environment.
  • Common tasks are automated leading to high quality. Examples are change and service requests, monitoring and alerting, patch management, backup and continuity services.
  • A robust change management system ensures all changes are authorized and auditable. Including agreed upon guardrails that can be integrated with your ITSM tooling.
  • The OS patching occurs in a timely manner in agreed upon scheduled windows. OS images are hardened against the strict CIS standards and updated monthly.
  • The services are certified and compliant with many regimes including GDPR. This reduces your due diligence, shortens the transition period and minimises your compliance efforts.
Best in class flexibility

In addition to the financial and operational benefits described above, the AMS service provides total flexibility: 

  • The service contract term is flexible, on a month-to-month basis and is separate from your AWS cloud services commitment. There is no rigidity typical to a long term MSP contract.
  • The services operate in customer-owned accounts with standard AWS cloud services and tools. You can relocate if and when you decide, without having to rebuild the infrastructure. 
  • The services can be applied to mix and match with the AWS services you need. Also, you do not have to commit your entire IT infrastructure to the AMS standard operating model.
  • You have a choice of two SLA levels which you can mix and match. The industry leading SLAs are provided ‘on top of’ the SLAs of the AWS services.

In summary, AMS offers you best in class TCO, service, compliance and flexibility. It also allows  you to free up your IT resources and direct them toward differentiating and innovating your business.

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Een betrouwbare partner

Cambrian has a track record of successfully designing, deploying and managing cloud services with impressive business case results. We combine our decades of enterprise IT experience with deep AWS knowledge to deliver an integrated AMS offering.

When you decide to deploy AMS services through us, there are several additional value added services we provide:

AWS Managed Services AIOC

Acceleration — Cambrian is an official AMS Partner and has a qualified team to help you place the running of your AWS IT infrastructure under AMS. AMS has a standardised approach to operations. We configure the way it is deployed to match your needs and objectives. We design a plan that is fit for your purpose and execute the migration process to meet your goals. We support you across every step of this journey. Our experience in migrating workloads from all types of data centers, workloads and starting points accelerates your migration.

Integration — You will need to integrate our AMS way of working with your service management processes. In particular in order to benefit from the high degree of AMS automations. This requires integration with your processes and your ITSM tool. Furthermore, you may need to realign some financial and governance structures. With our experience we help you configure and align processes, procedures and integrate systems to meet your preferences.

Optimisation — Once you are using AMS there are many opportunities to improve and innovate. You can reduce costs, become more agile and develop new value added services. For example, you may lift and shift your workloads initially and then modernise in a next phase. For this to happen, you may need to reskill your team or equip them with methods and tools to work in a more agile way. We help you to design and execute this path; we provide additional resources to move forward.

Complementarity — You are not required to commit your entire IT infrastructure to this AMS standard operating model. There may be valid reasons to operate certain workloads in a different mode. Fortunately, there is flexibility to mix and match and to adapt over time. In addition, there may be some activities you would like to outsource that are not covered by AMS, such as database support, data analytics, application management or systems integration. In addition we offer services in the areas of cloud identity, Office 365 or Google Workplace support, mobile device management and end user computing.  In these ‘hybrid’ situations or with such ‘gaps’, our operations team can complement the AMS activities to relieve you from those other non-differentiating IT tasks.

The benefits of working with AMS

AWS commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the benefits customers realised by working with AMS.

These are the main benefits these organisations are experiencing:

  • No need to hire costly cloud engineers and architects combined with the ability to migrate and optimise much faster;
  • The transition was expedited considerably because compliance with relevant regulations was ensured upfront;
  • They got more value out of the man-hours spent because expertise and best practices were readily available;
  • There was no need to create or buy their own infrastructure management tools because all necessary tools were provided;
  • They realised a major uplift to their security posture and a reduced chance of a major security breach;
  • They improved their P&L as a result of improved uptime, faster incident response time  and increased agility;
  • Their IT staff remained focussed on the core business and projects and continued business innovation without disruption;
  • The enforced consistency and standardisation throughout the migration process enabled a short project timeline;
  • An optimised infrastructure and reduced cost levels because expertise and experience are leveraged to drive efficiencies;
  • Peace of mind because key migration milestone dates were met and cloud operations ran smoothly and independently.

Finally, Forrester determined that on average these organisations achieved a 243% Return on the Investment to migrate to AMS.

You can find and download the report at the end of this page.

Benefits of AWS Managed Services

Accelerate cloud migration and innovation

Meet stringent security & compliance standards

Enjoy industry leading SLAs and 24/7 support

Reduce operational efforts, risks and costs

Benefit from proactive, ongoing optimisations

Downloads & resources

Learn more about the business benefits and cost savings in Forrester’s Total Economic Impact (TM) report.

Watch this presentation to learn more about how AMS addresses business challenges  with its services.

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