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Cambrian technologies: Cambrian explosion!

The tweet in this picture is a telling example to explain why we chose to be Cambrian Technologies. It is about the disruptive nature of the public cloud technologies. Moreover, it is about a spree of innovations that accelerates digital transformation, much like the Cambrian explosion! Let’s begin with a closer look at Benedict Evans

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2020 Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services

Gartner published its annual update of the Magic Quadrant for infrastructural cloud services. At a first glance not much has changed ‘in’ diagram since last year’s version. Especially the Leaders’ positions haven’t changed much. However, Gartner decided to extend the ‘scope’ of the Magic Quadrant. For the first year, it includes not just Cloud ‘Infrastructure’,

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AWS Advanced Tier Partner; gotcha!

Cambrian Technologies has become an AWS Advanced Tier Partner.  This official milestone validates that we have acquired substantial depth in technical expertise to attain this partner tier. In addition, we have attained sufficient hands on experience and sufficient success in solution delivery. Most important, our record demonstrates our customers’ satisfaction with our services. Advancing quickly

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Storing patient data? You’re better off with AWS!

Data better off with AWS data centers and services In this interview with Business Insider, Amazon’s CTO Werner Vogels talks about Amazon Web Services (AWS) and healthcare. He explains why and how storing patient data with AWS is a better option than in the healthcare organizations’ own IT departments. Because the AWS cloud services provide

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ISO 27001 & NEN 7510 certifications attained

Information security certifications attained Brand Compliance, an accredited and independent auditor, granted Cambrian Technologies the ISO 27001 & NEN 7510 certifications. ISO 27001 is the worldwide norm for information security management. The second norm, NEN 7510 is the Dutch norm for information security management for the healthcare industry. The certification start dates are February 1,

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