Apple is changing the architecture of computing

Steven Sinofsky, former President of the Windows Division at Microsoft and currently board partner at Andreessen Horowitz (A16Z) discusses the impact on the computer industry of the launch of ARM based macs in a recent short podcast.

“They (Apple) are changing where the boxes are in architectural diagrams of computing” according to Sinofsky. 

The impact is far greater than simply beating Intel Corporation at its game. Releasing chips that are 3 times faster with twice the battery life with significant part of the chip dedicated to ML is the start of a seismic shift in IT. 

The other big player following the same vertical integration approach is AWS. They also have economies of scale, are fierce innovators and possess long-term vision. AWS develops its own chips (Nitro for networking and virtualisation) and Graviton for ARM servers and combines these with platform as a service (PaaS) offerings that can be fine-tuned to run on this hardware. As an ISV you can start with Amazon AppStream 2.0 to SaaSify your software and then proceed with modernising your application using PaaS services such as Amazon DynamoDB, API Gateway, Aurora, and Lambda functions to name but a few services.

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