It takes two to tango

IT innovations to strengthen your business. Turkish delight sweets at the spice market in Istanbul

Lydia Leong (Distinguished VP and Analyst with Gartner for Technical Professionals) posted this article last week “Beware of vendors bearing transformation Turkish Delight”.

In it, she warns customers to be weary of vendors promising the world by helping you undergo digital transformation: 

Because the cloud is such a key enabling technology for digital business, I have plenty of discussions with clients who have been promised grand “digital transformation” outcomes by cloud providers and cloud MSPs. But it is certainly not a phenomenon limited to the cloud. Hardware vendors and ISVs, outsourcers, consultancies, etc. are all selling this dream.

Usually, neither the customer nor the vendor have a concrete idea of what that looks like.

Digital Transformation success requires many iterations and active involvement of many stakeholders

In my experience, digital transformation requires many iterations and the active involvement of the management team. Vendors and customers are equally to blame.

Software and IT have eaten the world” but it is surprising how many executives do not have enough interest in IT. If you are not interested in IT, it is much more likely you will be fooled by empty supplier promises and miss the opportunity to use IT innovations to strengthen your business.

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