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“Cambrian Technologies used their skills and expertise to help us achieve the next step in our development. When it comes to managing the process, they truly went above and beyond: besides assisting with everything AWS-related, they also helped us define our scope and develop a roadmap. That broader perspective is immensely valuable.”

The customer 

Playara is a startup that makes music from A-list artists worldwide available to streamers and video content creators on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. Their subscription service includes thousands of quality tracks across multiple genres, and caters to both individuals and commercial users like production companies and gaming communities. With developers in both Europe and China, Playara helps independent labels, investment funds focusing on the music industry, and artists around the world to broaden their fanbase and promote new tracks. 

The challenge  

In early 2020, Playara was all vision and no IT growth plan. The single-server platform was hastily cobbled together and not at all suitable for the international presence they had in mind. If they truly wanted to reach content creators around the globe, they needed a cloud platform that would enable them to scale up quickly in case of sudden or unexpected growth. And since they were just starting out, keeping costs down to a minimum was an important aspect as well. But once they reached the decision to move to the cloud, they realized they could use some support for the next steps. 

Given their requirements, going with Amazon Web Services (AWS) was an easy choice to make. However, Playara’s in-house developers were unfamiliar with AWS and didn’t have the knowledge or skills to build and maintain the necessary infrastructure. In short, Playara needed someone to help them transition into the future-proof platform they knew they could be.  

The solution  

For an international project like this, it’s quite an advantage to have developers stationed in different time zones! Our developers in the Netherlands and Greece worked closely with Playara’s Shanghai team to build the entire infrastructure, devising workarounds for any technological limitations in Chinese territory whenever necessary.  

Playara’s new container setup enables them to customize track libraries depending on regional preference and local data privacy laws. In future, software updates and new applications will be automatically deployed to the cloud, making the development process even more hassle-free. 

The results  

Now that their platform is future-proof and technical maintenance is taken care of, Playara can focus on the next step on their roadmap: entering into even more partnerships with major social media platforms. After all, if Playara gets name-dropped by the right influencer, they’ll need all the scalability they can get and Cambrian Technologies will be right by their side to make sure things keep running smoothly. 

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