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Author: Dionysis Linardatos

Unique benefits in the public cloud

This blogpost discusses how the public cloud provides unique benefits to users who migrated their workloads. It offers robust and compliant global infrastructure, extremely efficient server virtualisation engines and new state-of-the-art processors. These characteristics all translate into substantially lower costs and innovation. In another post, I discussed platform as a service (PaaS) offerings and how

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Speeding up the potato revolution with the cloud

In this post, Solynta’s CEO and CFO describe their digital transformation. In particular, how cloud services set up the company for its worldwide ‘potato revolution’ and delivered substantial business benefits. We have helped Solynta design and implement the transition and we continue to work with the organisation to develop and implement more innovative services. The

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Dissecting an analyst report about cloud data warehouses

This blogpost discusses the latest Forrester report on cloud data warehouse systems and suppliers. Reports written by respected analysts such as Forrester always contain valuable information. Nevertheless it is advisable to read such an analyst report with a critical eye. Weighing individual dimensions is no exact science and results can sometimes change dramatically if you

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The ramifications of the decline of the x86 chip architecture

The x86 CPU instruction set architecture (ISA) has been dominant in enterprise IT. Almost all business software has been written for x86 processors and almost all servers, PCs and macs run on x86 chips by Intel and AMD. However, the cracks in this impressive architecture are multiplying and many fear that the dam will break.

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The importance of Platform as a Service

This post discusses the value added and the benefits of Platform as a Service (PaaS). It explains how this type of cloud service removes important pain points and how it delivers high quality services at an attractive cost level. PaaS differentiates the public cloud providers from private cloud providers. It is a strategic differentiation, as

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The rise of ARM in end-user devices

In Dial ‘M1’ for Murder Google Ventures partner M.G. Siegler comments on the release of new macs based on Apple Silicon: Apple just killed Intel Corporation, and Microsoft Windows laptops are on life support.…This wasn’t a big deal, it was a massive deal. If Apple can live up to the performance claims they made on

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Apple is changing the architecture of computing

Steven Sinofsky, former President of the Windows Division at Microsoft and currently board partner at Andreessen Horowitz (A16Z) discusses the impact on the computer industry of the launch of ARM based macs in a recent short podcast. “They (Apple) are changing where the boxes are in architectural diagrams of computing” according to Sinofsky.  The impact

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It takes two to tango

Lydia Leong (Distinguished VP and Analyst with Gartner for Technical Professionals) posted this article last week “Beware of vendors bearing transformation Turkish Delight”. In it, she warns customers to be weary of vendors promising the world by helping you undergo digital transformation:  Because the cloud is such a key enabling technology for digital business, I have plenty of

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On Microsoft: a leopard never changes its spots

Changes in Microsoft behaviour? Old habits die hard On its most recent issue, The Economist posts a revealing article about Microsoft under Nadella. In particular, it has some harsh observations about a persistent culture that has also infected its cloud business: Up to now Microsoft let customers use its software on dedicated servers run by

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