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Uncovering Cloud Cost Savings

In an era where cloud computing is central to business success, optimizing your cloud resources and reducing costs are paramount. It can be useful to call in external expertise to discover what is the most cost-effective cloud setup for your organization. These can be complex choices, especially for larger organizations.  

Spoiler alert: you cannot compare the costs of AWS on the one hand with those of Azure on the other hand, without taking a closer look at Microsoft’s pricing practice

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Find out how you can get the most value for money: optimize resources, reduce licensing costs and leverage all advantages

A Closer Look at Licenses and Resources 

After all, the decisions may greatly influence your future IT landscape (for example, running on Linux instead of Windows, or on Aurora instead of SQL Server). To assist you in your choices, we will address these questions throughout the white paper: 

Is Azure always the most logical choice when using Microsoft components?

How do you compare Amazon Web Services (AWS) apples to Azure oranges?

What benefits does the AWS Optimization and Licensing Assessment (OLA) offer?

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