Adding 5,000 servers a night on AWS !?

We have read about the spectacular growth of several collaboration platforms as we started to work from home this year. Zoom grew particularly fast: Quarter 3 2020 revenues were up 370% YOY. For users it is a relatively small effort to sign up, connect and work with these tools, but what about the underlying IT efforts?

Rachel Dines on Twitter: Zoom was adding 5,000-6,000 servers on AWS a night as they scaled in the early days of the pandemic.

This is a mind blowing performance, voiced this week at AWS Re:invent. As a former CIO I still remember what and how long it took to add just one server, when turning to your SI. It certainly felt like the other way around: getting 8 servers every 5,000-6,000 hours.

When working with hyperscale ‘public’ cloud providers these days, one tends to forget how quickly and profoundly things have changed and how much value these changes bring us every moment of the day. Although, I don’t think the ‘private’ cloud supply chains and operations have changed that much…

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