Storing patient data? You’re better off with AWS!

Data better off with AWS data centers and services

In this interview with Business Insider, Amazon’s CTO Werner Vogels talks about Amazon Web Services (AWS) and healthcare. He explains why and how storing patient data with AWS is a better option than in the healthcare organizations’ own IT departments.

Because the AWS cloud services provide improved opportunities to ensure adequate security, efficiency and reliability. Furthermore, AWS services meet the stringent data privacy protection rules, set by authorities. AWS guarantees its compliance in standardized contracts. Finally, the cloud provider’s services are certified and they are being monitored by independent, accredited auditors.

Amazon CTO Werner Vogels talks about storing patient data with AWS. He explains why you are better off storing patient data with AWS.
Early movers

Vogels refers to several ‘early movers’ in the Netherlands and he mentions our customer ZuidZorg. You can read about their cloud journey in this case description. Because their cloud transition was part of a larger business transformation, this case is a particularly interesting read.

The story describes how we helped ZuidZorg from designing a cloud adoption strategy all the way to realizing the business benefits. Furthermore, in the post you can find a short video in which ZuidZorg’s Chairman Charles Laurey elaborates on his personal experiences. And he also talks about working with us:

“When external factors force you to considerably reduce your rates, and you realize that carrying on with business as usual is no longer feasible, then you have to digitize and streamline. We moved to AWS and Google, and redesigned the security. Then, we replaced the software applications supporting the primary business processes and outsourced many support processes. We achieved savings of 2.1 million annually on an annual turnover of 90 million.

Cambrian was the architect of this entire transformation and they have helped us plot our way through these challenges. They are competent, knowledgeable and well-grounded in state of the art possibilities. We needed someone who had the mettle and tenacity to push through the changes. Because ours is a very traditional company with a conservative outlook. And during the bumpy patch that hits you when you migrate, Cambrian held firm and displayed confidence. I am very pleased about that.”

Are you interested to learn more about how we can help improve IT in healthcare? Get in touch and send us a message.

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