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Accelerate the transition of your software business to SaaS


Experiences from the frontline: modernizing well-established ISVs

Software-as-a-Service is increasingly becoming the norm. Workloads are migrated to the cloud and solutions are consumed as a service. Customers expect to offload operations, maintenance, upgrading, security and compliance efforts. They seek TCO reductions and automatic access to new features as they get released.

As a consequence, well-established software companies must reinvent how they operate to meet these expectations. New responsibilities and accountabilities need to be internalized as they shift from the customer to the software vendor. 

This transition should not be seen as a challenge only; it is also an opportunity to scale more easily, become more agile and keep up with customer requirements. It can create competitive advantage and attract new talent and investors.


In a roundtable format, Cambrian Technologies will facilitate an exchange of experiences and share best practices and insights on how established software companies are adapting to a new normal on AWS.

Why participate

You will have the opportunity to share your challenges, exchange experiences and network with like-minded peers who are on their way towards a similar destination. Adapcare is migrating its software platform to AWS. They will share their insights on how they evaluated their options and how they are managing the transition.

About Cambrian & Adapcare

Cambrian Technologies is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner specialized in supporting software companies design, implement and run cloud-based solutions. Our customers benefit from a rare combination: prior to Cambrian, our leadership team was responsible for modernizing IT ‘inside’ their companies and today, we combine our previous experiences with our expertise in modern software engineering and devops in the AWS ecosystem.

Adapcare was founded in 2007 and supports more than 40,000 healthcare professionals with their Electronic Health Records system. The company has evolved from providing an on-premises solution to hosting their products in a private cloud. They are currently transitioning to AWS to improve performance and to enhance the functionality by implementing cloud-native services.

AWS are your hosts for this event. Their platform, programs and ecosystem support software companies in their modernization endeavors.

Fill out the registration form and join us on June 14 in Amsterdam.

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